Formula Drift Orlando 2021

Formula Drift Orlando 2021

Formula Drift Orlando was one for the books! I have the pleasure this year of covering Hooman Rahimi in his FD Pro Spec season. On Friday, Hooman qualified 15th overall, but was knocked out during Saturday's competition against Stuke after getting lost in the smoke.

The Pro Spec field had a full Top 32 this year compared to previous Top 16, which gave everyone in the class more chances to move up. Overall, the podium was taken by the Koruworks team drivers: Nick Noback and Blake Olsen.

In Pro, Orlando served its usual challenges from the steep bank to the center dip that caused sparks to really fly!

The track claimed many victims, and many, many debeaded tires. It seemed that the drivers felt lower tire pressure would ensure more grip against some of their most formiddable foes, but ended up causing issues on a non-forgiving course. While it may look like a simple, banked figure-8 from the outside, the Orlando track is nothing to sleep on for these drivers.

One driver to watch this event was Jeff “Junkyard” Jones who tied for third in FD Atlanta. He truly had his fans on the edge of their seats in Atlanta, bracing themselves to see just how far he would go. After killing it in his run against Ken Gushi, Jones moved on for a chance to ride Frederic Aasbo’s door. However, during his chase run, he ended up spinning just before the finish, awarding the win to Aasbo.

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